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Through the diversity and variety of businesses represented, PLM EXECUTIVES HEALTHCARE & SERVICES, LLC is united by a commitment to building a trustworthy network of businesses. We strive to provide a work and/or home environment relationship that will meet the unique needs of each client. PLM EXECUTIVES HEALTHCARE & SERVICES, LLC will see to it that each service we provide will help our clients find solutions to their worries and will focus on their needs and finding great outcomes for their satisfaction.

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PLM EXECUTIVES HEALTHCARE & SERVICES, LLC provides both high-quality business administrative and healthcare services that aim toward success for our clients. We come to you regardless of what type of services you select, rather it be: Interim, Part-Time, Temporary Assignments & Projects. If you wish to learn more about our services, check them out below.

  • Executive& Virtual Office Assistant

    Whether you need an executive assistant for back-office support, support for your department, or a project manager to run operations, PLM Executives got you covered.

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  • Administrative HealthCare Assistant

    Let our professional administrative assistants help you in managing your healthcare business.

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  • Phlebotomist: Lab Draw & IV Starts

    The laboratory will bill each patient’s insurance; we will charge only for the Lab Draw and the patients will no longer need to travel to an MDO or Facility.

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  • Consultant/Marketing & (NSA) Notary Services

    We can help walk you through: Business Plans, New/Rebranding, Credentialing/Re-credentialing Contracts, and Notarized Signature.

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    Read on to know the other types of services we have in store.

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Setting High Standards

Mission & Vision Statement

PLM EXECUTIVES HEALTHCARE & SERVICES, LLC is on a mission to serve and support. Our vision is that everyone has the same opportunity to experience great services with peace, trust, and live the best possible healthy lifestyle.

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