PLM EXECUTIVES HEALTHCARE & SERVICES, LLC is dedicated to providing quality services to various types of businesses.
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PLM EXECUTIVES HEALTHCARE & SERVICES, LLC is dedicated to providing quality services to various types of businesses. Our clientele is mostly comprised of businesses and individuals who seek high-quality and dependable care and guidance. With our team of medical and executive professionals, we guarantee to only serve each client with the utmost skill and expertise. Our aim is to always provide individuals and professionals alike with the outcome they are looking for. We are also a provider of affordable yet effective services that aim to heighten the satisfaction and comfort of our clientele.

PLM EXECUTIVES HEALTHCARE & SERVICES, LLC, provides Multi Skill assistance. Our services allow you to achieve convenience and flexibility while helping you to de-stress & re-energize. PLM Executives Healthcare & Services, LLC has a Certificate of Waiver through (CMS) Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services – (CLIA) Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments that offer and specializing in mobile specimen collection, processing and delivery services for medical diagnostic purposes. Our customer includes individuals, Special Needs Clients, practitioners in private and group practices, medical laboratories, managed care organizations and assisted living facilities. Our mobile specimen collection solutions are available to anyone needing specimen collection support. Our technicians are employed, skilled and well trained.

PLM EXECUTIVES HEALTHCARE & SERVICES, LLC is also knowledgeable with:

  • Home Health Agencies
  • IV Infusion Facilities
  • Doctor Offices
  • Community Clinics
  • Legal Practices
  • Commercial/Rental Properties
  • Various Types of Other Businesses
  • State of Texas

We possess detailed skills in the specialty practice of Office Assistant Functions, Lab Draws, PIV starts, Notary & Marketing/Consulting. We come with seasoned experience. With our expertise, allow us to help your business run smoothly, giving you peace of mind, knowing that for over 20 years, a wide range of professional skills and trusted service will be given to you.

Meet the Founder

Phyllis Lewis Miller has a Business Degree, Clinical Phlebotomist/ ASCP State Board of Certification), IV Certification, Medical Assistant, RMAC AAH/ Nationally Certified, (Licensed Texas Life Insurance) Agent and notray signing Agent. Working on completing Bachelor of Science in Social Work/ LMSW. Phyllis understands the everyday needs of a busy executive and enjoys supporting a team effort to achieve success. She is always open to learning new things while bringing her professional understanding and business knowledge. Additionally, her quality patient and customer care come easy. Her humbling and passion desire for elderly has developed from caring for her mother who has a fear for needles and many anxieties. She has dedicated to provide gentle and professional care/service(s).

Our Mission and Vision

PLM EXECUTIVES HEALTHCARE & SERVICES, LLC is on a mission to serve and support. Our vision is that everyone has the same opportunity to experience great services with peace, trust, and live the best possible healthy lifestyle. We will serve with humility, commitment, and compassion because health is everything.

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